Different Approaches in Psychology.

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ok in this paper its about different theories onthe hman psyche and i used the movie The Truman Show with jim carey for the examples. the movie takes u thu his whoole life and thent he ppaper just analyzes his life on how he is the way he is by using different approachs in psychology, like why does he want to goto Fiji? why does he want to be a traveler? is it because when he was little he was contained to parameters inside the set of his onw little perfect world created for hima dn he wants to just discover something on his own without it being handed to him? stuff like that... but yea have fun with it How would we react if have been watched by millions of strangers our whole lives and finally realized that our entire lives were on tape? That everything we thought was real up until that moment turned out to be nothing more than pretend, everything fake our friends neighbors relatives all pretending not knowing where to separate what was genuine and trustworthy and what was nothing more than a lie.

That's what Truman had to go through in The Truman Show.

Truman's life was nearly perfect. He had everything he ever would need and a whole island of people who revolved around him and also millions of others that he didn't know about. He had a beautiful loving wife caring friends the most peaceful and trustworthy neighborhood and a really good job. Soon enough though it all started bugging him, something was off but he just couldn't put his finger on it. That everything seemed a little too perfect synchronized; predictable, and that maybe nothing in his world really was what it seemed.

If we take a psychoanalytic approach,