Different Cultural Norms

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Culture is a very important aspect in every person's life. Each culture has various diverse customs and etiquette that often seem odd to those who are not familiar with that particular culture. Although they do differ, they are all unique in their own way. Considering the level of multiculturalism in Canada, it is obvious that there would be a constant battle between the Canadian and Indian cultures. Each one is like a separate world with an own way of living. Even though many Indo - Canadians have adapted to certain aspects of the Western culture does not mean that the norms of their own permits them to do so. They even have opposing view on such things as parent/child relationships. Even issues such as, conversations, importance of daughters and moving out are different in both worlds. These are just few occurrences where these two cultures collide.

Even a mere think as maintaining a conversation can be very difficult for many children in the Indian culture.

What we here call holding up a conversation is usually mistaken as talking back, or a sign of disrespect. It is basically a do - what - I - say theory that parents go by. If a child is told to do something he/she should perform the task without any questions. Not doing so is taken as questioning the reasoning and authority of the parents. Parents feel that if their children are not scared of them, then they do not take them seriously. Personally being apart of the Indian culture, I am familiar with this. I have had problems in the past with my elders due to this reason. If I am told to do something, even something like doing dishes, I am expected to do so without putting up an argument. Children are not...