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DIFFERENT CULTURES, SAME REALITIES I realize that no matter what a persons background may be, each an everyone of us is made up of the same thing. We all have problems. We all have emotions and feelings. The conflict comes in when opposite lifestyles, and beliefs come in effect. Sometimes this comes along with racism. All of the stories had real life characters with some kind of complication(s) in their life.

"My Sweet Sixteenth" is about a African American girl named Monique. She was faced with a complications that many teenage girls are faced with...teenage pregnancy. She hid her pregnancy from everyone in hopes of having an abortion as soon as she received her birthday money for her coming up birthday. Instead of getting the money and getting an abortion she didn't quite make it past her birthday. The baby was born on her 16th birthday. Yet another complication Monique faced, she was asked not to tell anyone that she had a child because of their family beliefs on this matter.

The complication in "Eagle Cloud & Fawn", was dealing more with beliefs. Eagle Cloud, a native American waiter, liked an Anglo girl Fawn. His family's beliefs were against this. Eagle Cloud liked her so much he looked at it this way, "What happened yesterday has nothing to do with what you will do today." "No Win Phuong" was about a Vietnamese kid called Phuong.

He started a new school with a different cultured student body.

Phuong felt very much out of place and at unease. He didn't want to play baseball, in the end he had improved greatly and was more comfortable with his surroundings. This must be a tough to deal with a change like that, but he was strong and things turned out rather...