Different Daughters

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This book consists of 32 different stories. All of the stories are based on reactions to finding out that a daughter or sister is a lesbian, bisexual, or transsexual. The reactions vary from completely understanding to freaking out at first. Even though the initial reactions varied greatly, they all ended on a pretty happy and understanding terms. Some of the parents even thank their daughters for opening their eyes to a completely new world with a completely new set of people. I think the major theme in this book is eventual understanding. One way or another people who found out that a loved one was homosexual, learned to deal with and accept that family member. Some of them even loved and accepted the partner and referred to them as their daughter-in-law. I believe this is a great book and a valuable teaching tool. Everyone should be required to read this book, and hopefully they will walk away with an open mind and on a quest for more knowledge on the subject.

Maybe they will even become involved with movements and activist groups.

This book was not written by just one woman, it is a collection of stories by mothers who have lesbian, bisexual, or transsexual daughters. There is even a story by the mother of the editor who put the book together. Throughout the entire book, I did not feel that there was any negativity towards men, children or other women. All of the mothers except one was heterosexual. The one that was not was married twice and never believed her daughter when she said that she too was a lesbian. However, by getting involved with support groups, parades and other lesbians the mother realized that she could ?never go back to the heterosexual world?. She now lives in a...