Different Greek Heroes

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Different Greek Heroes

The Ancient Greeks had strong characteristic differences then other cultures of their time. The Greeks Ideal is a very broad ideal that surrounds the philosophy of humans achieving the highest potential as an individual or as a race. This philosophy is what made the Greeks great and such major influences in cultures around the world today. The Greeks had strong character, growing up with stories of the great heroes of the Greek nation like Achilles. The Greeks heroes we know today, are the symbols of the Greek Ideal. Heroes come in all different shapes and size, with different battles. A hero to me, from my understanding of the Greeks, is a person who puts others on top, lives noble, and with passion and love for what they do. Every hero leaves behind a story and is remembered.

When looking at the true definition of a hero, it is important to first look at the story of the great warrior Achilles. To the Greeks he was a role model of the greatest hero. Achilles was the main character and hero of the Trojan War in Homer's, the greatest Greek epic poets, Iliad. Achilles was a son of a King Myrmidons and the nymph Thetis. With being a Demigod, he was stronger than a normal human being, and to the Greeks, anyone with a noble birth is considered heroic. Achilles was a true warrior; he had courage and was handsome. In the Trojan War, Achilles became a feared and mighty warrior. Achilles commanded the Myrmidons soldiers to victory and conquering Troy.

Achilles wasn't always a perfect hero from the start though. He had a couple faults by letting his arrogance and temper guide him. He was a...