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You may have seen many, many images of what Jesus Christ looks like. You’ve seen pictures hanging in churches, in artwork, magazines etc. that attempt to depict His life. Maybe you have a portrait of Jesus in your own home or office? The images of Jesus we so often see are the typical sad looking tall slim effeminate white man with long brown hair. Is it a true or just imagination ? We can’t really answer this question as everyone think of Jesus differently. Every country has different image of Jesus so we can’t say that a certain image of Jesus is wrong or right because we don’t know which one is correct, or maybe none of them shows the real Jesus.

Every country have different views on Jesus, for example people in Africa are dark skin, so they present Jesus with dark skin , people in Europe are white skin, so they think of white skin Jesus.

Every picture of Jesus is different, but each of them teach us and tell us more about Jesus, about his personality. We can also learn how different cultures represent Jesus.

In my opinion all those pictures showing Jesus are the best, as bible says : “…He has no form or comeliness; and when we see Him there is no beauty that we should desire Him”. What this verse is saying is that Jesus was an average looking man, it’s not saying that He was ugly, but rather, He looks just like every other man of His time. In other words, you could not pick Him out of a crowd and know that He was the Messiah. Also all those pictures tells the true about the Jesus and maybe one of them shows how Jesus really looked like, but no one really knows...