Different members of a team in a production company

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I have chosen to explore the different members of a group in a wooden toys company.

The Leader - The leader of the wooden toy company would have to have a lot of knowledge on woodwork him self, so he can make the best decisions for the company, such as which wood would be most appropriate. Also he would have to have leadership skills so that he can keep the group together, and be able to make them work efficiently and get the most out of them. Other managerial skills will be important too, such as how to finance and budget the firms money correctly.

Ideas Generator- This is the person who works on the drawings and develops and creates new ideas for the company to make and build. If the company is losing out on business then the ideas generator is asked to make ideas for new products. Also, the company is fairly small, so the ideas generator has to be used for more than one purpose (multi-skilling).

Practical Person- The practical person makes the products. He receives the plans and ideas from the ideas generators, and turns the ideas into real toys. He has to know how to use all the different types of apparatus such as the jig-saw and the pillar drills, and has to have a lot of DIY skills. The practical person also has to be good at communicating as he will have to lead a crew of 5 others who help him make all the toys.

Organiser- This is the person who sorts all the paper work for the company. To make toys for children, the toys will have to go through safety tests, so the organiser sorts out when the toys will be tested, anything else to do with safety related paperwork. Also...