As Different As Night And Day

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As Different as Night and Day When it comes to the topic of drug legalization, the conservative and liberal mindsets are as different as night and day. Given a wide range of their conflicting ideas and proposals, one may find it difficult to conceive that they are both striving for one common goal: the elimination of drug abuse in America.

One concept of the conservative's fight against drugs is legalizing them and selling them at cost. They propose that the drugs would be labeled precisely with all of the effects, positive and negative, they will have on the user.

They feel that this brutal honesty about the drugs will inform the American public and dissuade them from using, that is, if they know exactly how they are going to affect their minds and bodies. On the other hand, the liberals strongly disagree. They feel that the legalization of drugs and the idea of selling them at cost will only increase the demand for them, along with the number of users who, they feel, will soon enough become drug abusers.

Liberals Hilton 2 propose that if the drugs were legalized, there would be strict criteria placed upon the distribution of the legalized drugs. They would be dispensed as medications are, by doctors apprehensively writing prescriptions for the recreational use. Age restrictions would also be placed on the drugs, thus only creating a black market, similar to the one currently present in the American society.

Another conflict between the conservatives and liberals is the constant comparison of drugs and alcohol. Conservatives feel that the United States made a mistake back in 1920 when they passed the law enacting Prohibition, which put a ban on all legal alcohol consumption. They say that this only increased the demand for the illegal substance. According to...