The different personalities created by different types of alcohol.

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When a man goes out drinking with friends, he has to remember that the type of alcohol he drinks will effect his type of drunk. Many people think that the different types of alcohol aren't different from each other, but that being drunk is all the same. From personal experience to seeing others drink, I argue that each type of alcohol has a different effect on a person. So I have refined three basic types of drinks; beer, hard alcohol, and Tequila, that will change a persons mood in one night of drinking.

At the beginning of a night, a man usually starts drinking beer with his friends before heading to the bar. Beer initiates the night, friends hanging out, laughing, telling stories making jokes, having a good time. Things go good, the man is feeling all right, getting into a good mood. He starts to relax, and finds himself starting to laugh pretty hard at things that may not have been so funny before.

The beer gets things going, and before he knows it, he's already had quite a few beers, and he's ready to go to the bar. Beer gets a person into a social drunk.

Once at the bar, he begins to get tired of beer, so he starts to drink hard alcohol. He's chooses a popular drink, Rum and Coke. This drink start to get him energetic, he starts talking to random people, making new friends. He starts buying everyone drinks, even the bartender. The music that is playing starts to sound pretty good to him, which at first was lousy music. After a few more Rum and Cokes, he finds himself on the dance floor dancing as if no one is watching, acting crazy, acting in a way he would never act otherwise.