A different point of view about smoking

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Smoking is said to be a bad habit. Smoking is proved to be harmful. Smoking is ugly. But...I like it.

Have you ever smoked? It's an unique feeling. It's a ritual. You take your cigarette box out of your bag, you put it on the table in front of you, then open it slowly and take a piece out of it. Then the cigarette flows to your mouth and at the moment the filter touches your lips, you know that it'll be incredible. You light the cigarette...and passionately breathe. Smooth taste, romantic odour, mystical smoke...

A non-smoker can't ever feel such experience, can't ever be part of this magnetic, spiritual adventure. I feel pity for such people. I can't understand this thirst for life, such blank life, deprived from feelings and certain actions, just because they are said to be dangerous. And it's not only about smoking, it's about everything possible.

Why do these people long to live, when their lives are boring, when every year is like the next, every month...every day...every second they live is in a definitely arranged, calm, unrisky cage? Isn't it better to take all you can, to grab with full hands of the joy of life, in any aspect you want it, to feel satisfied, than to be aware of something, which you can't escape of, all your life?

Smoking is not a way for showing off independence. It's not a way for looking cooler or older, or richer...It's an experience for the soul. If you don't feel the cigarettes as a part of you, if you can't feel the smoke as the last thing you want to breathe..then why do you do it? To start or stop smoking you don't have to make decisions, you have to listen to your heart, to your...