Different schooling between Korea and Japan

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"It might at first look on the study cultural differences in learning by focusing on schools." (Stigler & Perry: 329) According to cross cultural study done by Stigler &Perry showing that there are three school factors can be accounted cross cultural differences: Time, organization, and teaching style. Study shows that Japanese and Chinese students spent more time in their academic active, more centralization and verbalization reflect than U.S student. As we learned in the class, there are lots of differences between Asian schooling and U.S schooling.

However, is there any schooling difference between only Asian cultures? Or do they schooling might be pretty similar among Asian cultures, such as Korea and Japan? These questions based on professor Brandy Young's lecture. She said, " Japanese student have Saturday school and the teacher posted student's grade on the back by their name." When she mentions this, I was surprised and understood what she said.

Because Korean students also have Saturday school and grade posted on the back. But unfortunately, I did not know these similar schooling before she mentions, even though Korea and Japan are geographically close countries. I was wondering that also what other factors could compare between two countries.

This paper investigates that what are schooling differences and similarities between Korea and Japan. But I think two countries' schooling will be the same. The hypothesis for this research follows the idea that schooling of Japan may similar to Korea. There are no differences between two countries.


This is Min Soo Kim 21years old girl from Korea, since 2001. I came to America with my family to learn in the better educational environment. I hope to be a consultant or educator, actively involved in social work or corporate organizational behavior.

The data was collected through interview study. I interviewed Sei...