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1. Art is anything that people add to their 'output' which is not functionally necessary and is other than the default properties of that output.

2. Art is any human creation which contains an idea other than its utilitarian purpose.


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Dance is a very beautiful, gracious, and elegant form of art. No one has to dance and some people cannot dance making it an art. Dance is not a "utilitarian purpose" and is art in many ways. You can interpret a certain dance in different ways depending on how you took at it.


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Visual arts are paintings, photographs, and anything that you can see. The website shows a few pieces of art that I like.

People do not normally start painting and say it is art. Art is a very complex subject and is hard to get into. It takes a special person to be able to paint their feelings.


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Music is a very common art. Most people today listen to it, but do not realize the hard work and dedication that is put into it. Music artists are definitely not within the normal purpose of a human. They have to go above and beyond the usual act of human nature; therefore, making it art.


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The people who create films have to be creative. Films are very difficult to compose and be good at composing them. They go beyond the normal skills of humans to compose them. Every...