Different views and multiple examples of video games

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Video Games

There are many different views concerning video games, both negative and positive. Many people feel that the games are harmful and serve as an unintelligent and wasteful medium of entertainment. Others believe that these games have plenty to offer and will one day be as respected a medium as television, radio, and books. There are a number of examples and opinions to both sides of this issue.

Most of the negative views about video games pertain to those of violent content, such as Dungeons and Dragons, and Quake. Some people feel games such as these take innocent young children and fill their minds with images of fiery destruction. Many parents are concerned about children confusing fantasy with reality, as an effect from these games. Critics say these games are poison for society with no redeeming value. Other people do not think these games are leaving the right impressions on children.

Many of these critics also see that most of the games on the market are violent and bash the industry for it.

Games such as Armageddon, Postal, and Grand Theft Auto use violence against the innocent. In these games, acts of violence target non-aggressors, bystanders, children, or those committed as a part of a game, which glorifies crime. Most people find the irreverent treatment to innocent people in these games quite offensive, and for good reason. If any kind of video games are harmful to our children these type are. Games like Halo, SWAT, and Spider man are games that use violence in the name of self-defense, necessary actions against violent criminals. Video games of this sort are less offensive to the public. Video games can provide many valuable skills that are transferable to every day life. Video games are a great way to help children develop...