The diffferences in marriage between Islam and Hinduism

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Relationships form a large part of human existence. It is human tendency to be drawn to the company of other people. More specifically, to find that special relationship with someone. Different religions are synoptic in highlighting this union in the celebration of marriage. This prompts the question to be asked, what is the meaning of marriage? The enduring human question of why do people marry? What is the significance and purpose of people committing to each other and living together?

Islam and Hinduism both have their own approach to marriage eminent in their culture and tradition as Semitic and Indus religions.

Hinduism sees marriage as an essential . Vivada (marriage) is part of a life-cycle rituals (Samskaras) which connects to other important rituals such as birth, early childhood, the coming of early adulthood and death. The marriage ritual is considered by Hindu men and women to be the most important ritual of all.

Doing this ritual upholds the dharama which is the law of the cosmos, morals, religious duties, laws and customs that are in harmony with natural law. In Indian society they have experimented with many forms of marriage but only one is accepted by Hinduism which is known as 'Brahma marriage'. Brahma marriage is when the marriage is arranged or at least approved of/by the parents or guardians. Matters which are considered important to a matching of a bride and groom are family and caste, education and appearance, as well as astrological compatibility. A Brahma marriage involves a very complex ritual extending over many days in the past but shortened in modern times. The ceremonies are elaborate and numerous and vary according to region and caste. The marriage commitment is sealed in a short but central rite in which the couple, linked together by a knot joining the...