It is difficult to sympathise with Simon?s point of view as he fails to see the point of view of others

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This story is of a boy, Simon who lived with his mum and dad. When he was young, his dad died. Simon was sent to boarding school where he was happy until one day when his mum came to school and took him for a ride in her car. She told him she was re-marrying and moving house. From this day onwards, he is living in the memory of father. He is alone from now, so this when this problem occurs.

Simon is only thirteen years old and he has had a lot to deal with. His dad dieing didn?t help as he was the type of boy who enjoyed the company of his father. He talks of:

?Lifting Simon up on his shoulder and spinning him till the ceiling whirled.

Then putting Simon down and laughing, while Simon tottered, dizzy, on short legs from chair to table, clinging on desperately.?

This shows the relationship between Simon and his father, one of loving compassion. Another example of this is:

?Once father took him out alone in the car and kept shouting, ?shall we go faster, Simon?? and Simon yelling, ?Faster, faster!? and every time he yelled ?faster?, Father got more pleased?

This shows how his dad enjoys his son. Losing such an influential man in Simon?s life is critical, for many reasons. One factor is that he will face growing up into a man alone. He cannot really talk to his mum, about issues. Also, from this loss, he will lose all that physical play that he experienced with his dad, making him shyer and more ?alone?. He was a dad?s boy, so from this day forth, he was changed and had to get the loving experienced from his dad via his mum who he didn?t really have a true...