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Q1.Identify different several concepts and characteristics from the field of organisational behaviour that this case illustrates.

The Organizational Behaviour between the two firms were very different and identifiable. Tony Stark started working at O'Grady and things had been great there. The firm made sure that people who worked there, their personal goals be met and broadened their perspective towards work thereafter. O'Grady was a decentralized firm giving everybody a chance to grow and feel like a part of the firm as their opinion would be incorporated while the managers did decision making. The surroundings were very friendly and socially psychological. There was a lot of freedom given to the workers in terms of the work they did. The firm practiced managing workforce diversity. Tony Stark had a sense of job satisfaction and would have continued working there if the firm did not shut down.

Now if we look on to the firm that Tony Stark had to take up after the closure of O'Grady was the Reece Enterprise.

This firm had an entirely different way of operation. There was reward based on how long they had been there and played the politics. Top managers only were concerned about the work being complete and not how it was done or who did a good job. Even though Reece was a much more organized and structured organization, it still failed to be practicing a decentralisation. There was a requirement of three signatures from the higher authority without which any decision making would not have proceeded and therefore made the entire process really slow as reaching the top managers wasn't easily accessible and interoffice memos had very low priority. The environment among the workers wasn't very pleasing either. They did not accept anyone new which was appointed at the same...