Difficulties of African American's lives in this countries.

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African Americans in this country truly have a very difficult life. They face decades of discrimination, stereotypes, and even some white people fear black people. This could be a reason for some of the discrimination in the United States. If someone is afraid of something, they will say they don't like it or they hate it. This is probably the case for many white people. Throughout the 1900's, the United States faced a number of race riots in various cities such as Omaha, Philadelphia, and Chicago. Over the years, political parties like the Socialists and Communists urged blacks to work for more extreme change. They were not successful. Black voters showed little interest in Socialist and Communist ideas. Since the days of Abraham Lincoln, blacks usually voted for Republicans but the conservative Republican policies of the 20th century caused many to become Democrats. Today, many blacks are very supportive of the Democratic Party.

There are a number of reasons that prove African Americans have a difficult life; problems in education, housing, police protection, and employment show this. (Source 4)

Blacks are not treated fairly in education. Teachers sometimes tend to give better grades to a student who is attractive. Teachers also sometimes tend to give better grades to minority students to make it look like they aren't discriminating against them by giving them a lower grade than they deserve. At a glance, people who see this situation wouldn't think much of it. If a black student is doing well in a class, he/she may not be discriminated against. However, if he is not doing well and receives a good grade he is deprived of actually learning the material. A high grade is supposed to show you remembered what you learned, but when a teacher just gives that grade to you...