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The English language in today society is the most important skill a person can have. As for immigrant student it's really hard to have perfect English because of their family background. Therefore society limits their perception on immigrant students "broken" English. "Broken" English is when the speaker is limited in words, which makes it really difficult to be understood. Even teacher sometime fall into that stereotype that Asian American student is better in math then English therefore sometime tend to steer the student away from English but rather into math or science major. No matter what the filed that student decide to go into, it's always good to have to language. Language is a special skill that one can have so takes the best from both languages to get the point across clearly and affectively. Therefore through the text, the author proven she's very agreeable because coming from an immigrant family she can still become a writer.

Pushing herself through society perception, teacher stereotyping, she took the bad and good of both language and use it to her benefits.

Many immigrants come to America because it's the land of opportunities. It's always hard to adapt to a new surrounding, but even harder when having to learn a new language which has never be heard or use in the household in this case the language is English. Immigrants student are accepted to be fluent in the English, but it's really hard because once at home the only language that is spoken is their native language, "especially in immigrant families which are more insular, plays a large role in shaping the language of the child." Therefore when an Asian student speaks English many may describe it as "broken" English and sometime the student is misunderstood or even being ignore, "the fact that...