What is the 'digital divide'? To what extent isthe concept of the digital divide of cencern both internationally and in Australia?

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As the continuing development in high technology, number of people obtains information by using Internet, telephone and computers are increasing radically. Widely spread of applying information and communication technology (ICT) provides a better system to exchange information in a greater amount and lower cost, this increases the opportunities for business and encourage human to have a more digital life and a better living standard. However, the benefit of advanced invention is not shared equally. Internationally, people from the poorer or developing countries mostly cannot take the advantage of these new technologies. In domestically, people form different socio-economic classes and different geography regions also shared different level of benefit of high technology. This report will firstly describe the definition of the digital divide, secondly analyse the major concern of digital divide in globally and domestically in Australia.


The skills, knowledge, and abilities to use information or access to Internet are disparity, due to the difference in geography, race, economic status, gender, and physical ability (ala.org).

For that reason, the world is divided into people do and people who do not have access to modern information technology.

The uneven distribution of new technology use named "digital divide" can be described "the inequalities that exist with respect to the use off Internet and other telecommunication services." (Curtin 2001, p.C-2)


3.1The International Digital Divide

3.1.1Basic ICT Use

By comparing developed and developing countries, Internet Users increases incessantly, especially in Canada and USA, there is 167.12 million of Internet users, but in those poorer countries, such as Middle East and Africa, there are only 2.4 and 3.11 millions Internet users. The digital difference between developed and developing countries is not only occurred in Internet users, but also...