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Digital marketing plans to attract online sales from a new market (12 Month Plan) for a product of Clarks International brand of Footwear

Executive Summary

Clarks International, founded by Cyrus and James Clark, is known in the footwear industry niche of UK for its dedication in meeting the customer's needs of comfort and uniqueness in design in footwear. As the leading brand of footwear products in UK, Clarks International has a wide spectrum of products for men, women and children for any occasion, ranging from casual shoes, sandals, wedges and boots to footwear for work. Established in 1825, Clarks has been a successful business, growing into the fourth largest footwear company in the world, having extended to various parts of the world like China, India, North America and other parts of Europe. It has coverage of 35 countries (Mast Business).

The most recent studies enlist a profit of GBP 125 million that Clarks made from sales of GBP 1,174 million by January 2010.

This has crowned it as the 33rd largest private firm in the UK (Wikipedia, 2013).

As a footwear industry, Clarks has great scope in both offline and online marketing. For more than a century, Clarks has thrived on sales made from traditional stores. The information regarding their production reveals that their productions are based in Vietnam and other overseas locations to reduce production cost.

Clarks has worked on its websites, social networking and SEO but these fields can be improved fruitfully along with other objectives of bettering online shopping experience and recognizing competitions.

This report discusses the various strategies and tactics that can be implemented so as to develop a 12-month digital marketing plan for the firm to attract new online sales.

Clarks International : Current Digital Marketing Activities

Clarks Shoes has established an excellent place in...