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A Trip to Brussels Questions

Identify all of the micro-operations and their activities

Classify them according to the typology shown on the next page

Which of these micro - operations were most affected by the severe weather?

First the traffic control tower finds out that the runway is getting bad because of the bad weather, they delay some flights that are suppose to land that particular hour. Because of this the whole schedule of each individual passenger changens and also that of the shops, restaurants, etc, at the airport. People have less time, and so on.

Approximately how many different organisations are involved in delivering the goods and services described in this report? What are the implications of this?

If you think of each and every single one, I'm going to have a large list. here are the most important ones:

Everything that has to do with the flight itself: traffic control, baggage, flight itself, captains, etc,..

Security and health services: ambulance, de icing services, fire services, police etc,..

Guest services that make your stay conftrebul: restaurants, shops, tax free,..

Information: desks, displays, help agents, etc,..

A Trip To Brussels

My flight from Stockholm would be late landing. The pilot told us that we were in a 'stack' of planes circling above the clouds that were giving Brussels its first taste of winter. Air traffic control had closed all of the runways for a short period at dawn, and the early morning flights from all over Europe were being allocated new landing slots along with the long haul aircraft from the Far East and the Americas. After a 20 minute delay, we descended bumpily through the clouds and landed on a recently cleared runway. Even though there was a further hold on a taxiway; we were told that the de-icing...