Diminishing Responsibility

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The public school system has been diminishing their responsibility over the student's welfare during hours of recreation and lunch as well as in providing materials and the cleaning of the school grounds. Everyday the parents of the students in elementary grades are given more and more responsibility in their child's well being in school.

Unfortunately many elementary school parents are unable to work during the hours their children are in school because teachers and school faculty are not responsible for the students during the hours of 11: 30 am to 12:30 am. These are the hours of recreation and lunch for the children from grades first to second. The parents of these two grades must drop their child of at 8:00 am and must be back at 11:30 am to watch their child for an hour during the lunch recess. Once the child returns to class at 12:30 pm the parents must return at 2:45 pm to pick up their child.

Apron registering their child in school they are given a waiver form, which indicates that they the parent is responsible for the child during the lunch recess.

Due to having to make three trips daily to your child's school, makes having a job extremely difficult. Even a part time job would require an individual to work at least 3 hours, thus making it nearly impossible for a parent to work during school hours. In the event a student is hurt or in danger during recreation the school is not responsible. In a case that a parent is unable to be present at lunch time their child is left at risk.

Unbelievably the school's cleanness is in the hands of the parents. The parents have also been placed with the responsibility of equipping the school with supplies such as paper...