The Dinner Party

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"The Dinner Party"

Art is one of the important aspects all around the world. There are so many examples of varied art that we can see in Museum. One of the excellent, tremendous and ancient artwork of 70's called "The Dinner Party" I am going to talk something about it.

. The idea of making the dinner party was exposed by a single woman and she started work on it by herself only. However, later on, she got a great help from the other inspired women who were greatly appreciated that. That was how the project of making a dinner party begins.

"The Dinner Party" table was an equilateral triangle shape having a ceramic floor tile inscribed with the significant names of women. Plates used for the dinner party were also hand painted with a various artwork. Some of the artwork on plates was really appreciated while some are quite ugly.

Artwork on plates includes valves, flowers and butterflies and those are sometimes several inches high. Historical women names were also printed on the floor. There are so many variation in dinner table because individual artist was doing each work mingled together a same place to make dinner table. As far as the work was concerned in making "The Dinner Party" table and making all the arrangements, it was amazing and unbelievable.

Most amazing thing in "The Dinner Party" is that only women were responsible to complete the artwork related to dinner table. That was the time of 1970's where there were not so many women who really engaged in curricular activities. Women were not too much active in public relations. Therefore the work done in "The Dinner Party" by only women proves that the women can do...