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Maddie Pierce World history 1 fact sheet #⅞ Diocletian

Diocletian wasn't his full name. Its Gaius

Aurelius Valerius Diocletianus. He lived

from 245 to 312. He was a roman

emperor from November 20th 284 to

May 11th 305. Diocletian was the first to

put an end to the period known as the

"crisis of the third century", (235-284).

Diocletian's main goal was to return rome back into

its glory days by making changes to various parts

and areas.

His religion was called "polytheistic". It was a

Roman religion. He persecuted christians and

tortured them more than any other emperor. Money

was extremely important to him.

He realized there was a gold

fixture in the western and

eastern mediterranean. He tried

to stop the inflation of the region by joining the

branch of legislation. THat didn't work so he

ordered that coins could only be made out of gold

or silver, stopping them from using lead on their

money. Military meant alot to diocletian because in

this era war and fighting happened more often. He

wanted to win as many wars as he got himself into.

He changed the army from traditional defence to

one that had small groups of soldiers placed

permanently at the border. he

took local soldiers from the

region of the Rhine and

Danube rivers.

These type of soldiers lived

with their families in a village

setting, and they also famed. They used the method

including fire/smoke to warn the village there was

going to be an attack or an attempt at least from

across the border.

They receive normal pay from Rome, for their

services. Diocletian allowed these soldiers to move

up the ranking scale by the amount of military

credits they had/ received for their years of loyal

service and willingness to put themselves out...