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Dip in the Pool

1) Have you ever gambled? Did you like it? Did you win? Do you think gambling is harmless or do you think it makes people greedy?

I have never gambled before and I do not like gambling at all. I think that gambling will make one greedy. For instance, when one won some money through gambling, he will think that he is in luck and continue gamble so that he will win more money.

2) Was Mr Botibol brave to jump into the sea? Suggest what else he could have done to get his money back.

I felt that Mr Botibol was brave enough to jump into the sea. However, there was no need for him to risk his own life. He could have simply started a fire on the ship to create a commotion among the people so that the ship will stop or slow down to extinguish the fire first.

This would delay long enough for Mr Botibol to get his money back.

3) Have you been on a cruise liner before? Would you enjoy a holiday on a cruise liner? Why?

I have been on a cruise liner before and I would definitely enjoy a holiday on a cruise liner. Besides being able to enjoy the facilities on the cruise liner, I could also have a suntan or a dip in the sea.

4) Imagine that you are Mr Botibol and you keep a diary daily just before you go to bed each night. Write a diary entry for the day on which he bought his ticket in the auction.

Dear Diary,

I had brought a ticket for the auction tonight. Earlier on, I had wanted to get some information on the auction pool from the purser, but he just...