Direct Mailing VS. Personal Selling

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Direct mailing and personal selling benefits have many similarities and differences. Direct mailing benefit is that it allows you to concentrate on specific individuals that are interested in specialty greeting cards. Time management is more efficient because you are sending advertisements and messages to people that are already interested. You may also put the benefits of buying from your company on the advertisement or brochure. It lures the customer into calling you to find out more about the company and product. You can also showcase visual samples and testimonials for the company. Personal Selling benefits would be that you could create new customers that may not already know about specialty greeting cards; therefore, getting a larger number of customers. The face-to-face customer contact is important to some people so they know who they are buying from. It is always nice to match a face with a name. You can also show customers a variety of styles and cards.

You can assist the customer if they need help and show that it is important that they are satisfied. You can help customers get a better understanding of how the business works as well. You will have someone that represents your business.

I have selected the Personal Selling method for many reasons. In personal selling the company can benefit in many ways, but the most important is customer relations. The average person likes to be able to see what they are buying and have someone there to interpret what they do not understand. Face-to-face customer service is also important so the customer can match a face with a name. If customers have someone that represents a company and can see them it is more likely that they will buy from the company. By having someone available to represent the company, as long...