Direct Response Television

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Direct Response Television By: Frank R. Brady & J. Angel Vasquez Direct Response Television: The Authoritative Guide was written by Frank R. Brady and J. Angel Vasquez. Copyrighted 1995 by NTC Publishing Group, this book shows how to capitalize on the potential and avoid the pitfalls of the hottest selling medium around today. Guidance needed for information in creating direct response commercials that will keep your cash register ringing and your costs under control. The book is broken into four main sections with information on how to develop an effective marketing strategy. First, how to develop an effective marketing strategy, how to create your commercial, the economics of direct response television, and how to produce your commercial. Direct response television is a long commercial with an 800 number selling something. Direct response television is flexible, measurable media, allowing it to be a great communication tool and cost effective. Some ways direct television is used is through direct selling, supporting other marketing efforts, generating large numbers of sales lead, integrated marketing, infomercials, and testing general image selling strategies.

Effective Marketing is summarized by picking the right products, doing inexpensive, cost-effective research on products and market potential, structuring profitable offers, and developing winning selling strategies. Research is valuable in helping understand the market, competition, and audience. Two types of research include primary and secondary research. Primary research is commissioned and paid for yourself, while secondary research is originated, conducted, analyzed, and published by others. Research has two basic types, qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative research shows directions or areas to pursue development, and quantitative research gives numbers and measurements. Other types of research include focus groups, mail intercepts, telephone surveys, in-home interviews, benefit research and product concept research. Finding out whether or not a product is ready for direct response television depends on...