Directing: "Preparing the Scene". An essay which discusses certain jobs that a director does. Includes bibliography.

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Page 1 - Introduction

- The Director

Page 2 - The Actor

- Rehearsing with the book


The director should be making effective contribution of the scripts overall understanding to the actor. He must understand the make - up of each scene and how the psychological energy released by each scene is following a set of rhythms that the actor must become aware of. I will be discussing certain strategies that will allow the actor-director relationship to become collaborated.

The Director

Firstly, on receiving a script's character definition, the director should create a back-story for each character for the actor to understand the type of background information and a "unique" type of character.

The nature of a character is depended on the explanation of the task at hand. The actor is able to display many forms of emotions at almost any time; they need the situation at hand so they can fit their character in the correct state of mind and not vice-versa.

The reason for the above concept is that the actor wants to evolve his character into every situation and he does not want to play generalised emotions. This allows the character to become unique with identifiable mannerisms etc.

This ties in with the nature of the acts, as each little movement for an act helps create this "unique" character. The instructions therefore would be explained with quality and meaning using "An evocative simile or analogy gives the nature of the act or action a precise and imaginative coloration. (Rabiger, M : Directing, 1977)"

The nature of each conflict is the collaboration of tension and conflict which make up the essence of drama. The director must therefore know the situation and how conflict develops within it. They can appear as either:

· Tension within a character between...