Dirty Wars

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The film Dirty Wars (2013) touches upon many different issues regarding war. Issues brought up in the film revolved around freedom, democracy, war and justice. I believe these issues are caused by the amount of control the government has and the misuse of their power towards the people. Throughout this film we see and hear compelling stories told by survivors of night raids and drone strikes as well as the relatives of the first American citizen who was marked for death and hunted down by his own government. The film represents hidden information and secrets from all over the world that are kept from U.S citizens. These issues are very controversial however, they are affecting our society and it is imperative that they are understood.

The just war theory deals with the right to go to war and the conduct of war itself. According to this theory there are conditions that should be met before going to war.

The conditions are, legitimate authority must declare war, there must be a reason to go into war, war must be a last resort, there must be a reasonable prospect of success and the violence used must be proportional to the wrong being resisted. All these conditions represent the ethical way to go about war. The second part of the theory is the just conduct of war. There are two conditions regarding this theory. The first condition states that noncombatants should not be intentionally targeted and the second states that there must be proportionality between the tactics used to the injuries one may suffer.

The just war theory critiques the film Dirty Wars (2013) and pushes us to believe that the way the government controls war is unethical. In my eyes the just war theory basically says that...