Disagreement in Natural and Human sciences

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In what ways may disagreement aid the pursuit of knowledge in the natural and human sciences?

I think that disagreement is the key to a deeper understanding in all endeavours. If we only surround ourselves with those who agree with us then we will never stretch our minds nor test our limitations. There are dissimilarities between disagreement and hostility as they don't necessarily connect with each other because hostility deals with emotions and it is the act of warfare due to the hatred towards something.

That's why I make sure not to surround myself with people who almost always support me in my decisions or believe my claims because I need to be tested and have others point out to me where I might have been going wrong and what I should do to fix the problem. After an argument due to disagreement takes place, I tend to discover many new facts on my way to prove my point.

I don't always handle the disagreement or criticism well but as you might expect when I step back and breathe and realize that the other person has the best of intentions then I take their advice to the heart. Therefore disagreement sometimes leads to new discoveries.

Once, I had a disagreement with my cousin about 'which one came first into this world, the plant or the seed?' We argued about it for days because I claimed that the seed came first whereas my cousin claimed that the plant came first. After about a month, my cousin came up to me and reasoned it out with me that it is the plants that came first into this world. It started off from single-celled organisms and it went on evolving to multi-celled organisms. In the pursuit of knowing about which one came first,