Disaster in New York

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It has been 2 days since I have been stuck in here. I have had no food or water and it has been long painful days being stuck in this pit. I am surrounded in absolute darkness. I can't see anything! The last thing I saw was a big flash then next thing I know, I am stuck in this hole. I felt around my surroundings and felt a hard, rough and cold surface. It definitely was concrete and it seemed to be a part of a building. Just then I felt something above me move and finally saw light. It felt so wonderful I was finally being rescued! As I tried to stand up my legs wouldn't listen instead I felt a sharp pain shooting through my legs. I yelled I was down here and I saw one of them come down here then everything went blank.

I must have fainted.

Now I am surrounded in light, I was in a huge room on a comfortable bed and it felt great but there was no one around me. A thought ran through my brain saying that I was dead so I started to panic. As I tried to move I felt pain all over my body and then I remembered my injuries. I had a broken leg and an arm and had bandages all around me then my brain says, "I had come to a conclusion that we are dead". It took a moment to take in everything then I tried to calm myself but I couldn't stop myself screaming. Then I saw people in white come in, they must be the angels.

I was relieved to be told that I am alive and that I was in New York Hospital. I asked what happened and they just...