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Fine Foods is an upscale specialty food store with three locations in the San Diego Metropolitan area. As with any other company, Kudler must have a disaster recovery/business continuity plan to enable the company to resume operations after occurrence of a disaster event.

The first step in developing a disaster recovery (D/R) plan is to identify risks. Risks to Kudler's operations fall into three categories: natural, system /technical and supply systems. Assessing potential risks will enable Kudler to protect its business through risk mitigation.

In the next phase, Kudler must identify and prioritize company assets and functions that are necessary for the business to continue operations following a disaster. For each asset and function, existing threats should be identified. Avoidable risks should be eliminated and actions should be taken to minimize unavoidable risk.

Kudler also must organize disaster-recovery planning teams and management teams. Clear outlines should be defined detailing the process of disaster assessment and the company's plan of action following a disaster.

Policies must be developed to address the following topics: personnel training, plan maintenance, plan testing and modification.

Kudler is considering outsourcing as a way to focus on the company's core business, which is marketing fine foods. Some of the issues regarding the costs and benefits of outsourcing include personnel changes, data protection, and customer satisfaction.

Regardless of size and cause of a disaster, the IT department will be intimately involved in the recovery process. IT's main goal in a disaster will be to reestablish the network as quickly as possible to minimize downtime and thus the potential loss of income. IT's role in the disaster-recovery process will include managing the data, restoring access to all employees, and managing the hardware and software.

Kudler Fine Foods:Disaster Recovery/Business Resumption PlanKudler Fine Foods is an upscale specialty food store with...