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A Disc Jockey, also called as a DJ is the person who unites the art of mixing music while producing a new song of concurrently playing pre recorded tunes. No matter if it is Turntablism or Mixing, the concept is to engage your creativeness and talent to captivate the people on the dance floor.

The Dj creates music using techniques such as mixing, cueing, beatmatching as well as scratching, beat juggling and cutting. The former is generated whilst playing pre recorded music on CD's and the latter whilst using vinyl records.

The History of Dj'ing (Derived from various sources)

The term was originally used to portray radio broadcasters introducing and playing popular gramaphone records. These records, also known within the industry as discs, were jockeyed by the radio presenters, therefore the connotation of disc jockey was soon to be known as DJ's or deejays. Nowadays there are numerous factors, counting the music selected, the intended audience, the performance setting, the preferred medium, and the development of sound manipulation, that have led to different types of deejays.

DJ'ing as a profession came into existence in the early 1900's, with DJ's performing on old vinyl's and obsolete equipment rocking and enthralling the crowds to their tunes. Thru the years and as time progressed, the DJ's used expensive instruments as well as incorporated newer techniques in their performances.

Classification of DJ's

The Dj's are further classified into various subcategories:

1.Mobile DJ's - The Dj's who spin at private parties and cart their equipment along with them in vans from party to party.

2.Club Dj' s - DJ's who play (are residents) of clubs or discotheques and perform within the specified area.

3. Bedroom Dj's - DJ's who do not perform outside the premises of their homes. who like to perform...