How to discipline a child

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I chose the article about how to discipline your child because I made many mistakes while raising my child and know I am seeing the consequences. I now believe a parent's style of raising their children has a lot of effect on them. I used to criticized my sister about being so strict with my nieces and she used to tell me don't let your husband spoiled your son so much is not good and I would totally ignored her and say I don't see anything wrong with it. Now that I'm divorce I'm not able to give my son everything that he used to get before and it is hard for him to understand.

After the divorce I realized many other mistakes I made as a parent. Being a single parent left me with many responsibilities like finding ways to better support ourselves. All these responsibilities were hard especially when I realized that my son was not independent that we had over protected him and that if given an order he would ignored me.

As parent we have to learn to set limits and not over protect our children because you might not see anything wrong at that moment but later on in life you will see the outcome of your mistakes. All this problems let me through the path of wanting to find more information about parenting and so I did. I have gone to therapy with my son and read many articles about parenting.

I learn that a parent's style is usually the result of how they were raised, their role models and maybe the society in which they were raised. Every parent is different in his or her own way. Parents usually have different parenting style for example there the authoritative parents who are said...