Disco, A Dance Revolution

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Disco was not only a revolution in dance, it was also a way of life in the 70's. It started as a new way to dance and it ended as a revolution. Disco influenced not just a single member of the family who was somewhat of a rebel; it influenced the whole family. Disco changed the way people dressed, walked, talked, and even how they acted around other people. Some of the new styles of clothes included bellbottoms, (pants that started tight on the leg and at about mid-calf, grew greater in diameter looking like a bell) wide-collar shirts, (the tips of the collar would reach all the way to the shoulder) platform shoes, (shoes that had a huge sole and were usually upward of 3 inches tall) and the apparent necklace. People stopped walking so stiff and started gaining a bounce in their step. New slang was used such as groovy, far out, awesome to name a few.

When people got together in a public place it was often for the disco. (a dance club in the middle of the dance revolution) Some people probably would not consider disco when they are choosing a revolution, but disco was the hottest dance craze since swing in the 50's and more people discoed than any other form of dancing for many decades to come.

When researching this topic, we started like most in a library. We looked and looked for books on disco. Occasionally we would find one but it just was not giving us the same thing as some of our other resources did. We next went to the internet. All that we could find there was stuff about a certain movie called "Saturday Night Fever" so we decided that it was time for us to turn to...