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The effect of the recorded word is colossal. It has altered the course of history forever. It triggered the start of the progressive era with the birth of mass religious belief. This was just the start of the power of the word. At this time, text directs our society; it is used to express a variety of ideas. There are two purposes that the majority of texts are used for today: to educate or to appeal. Due to the dissimilarities of these purposes, there is a lot of irregularity of the style of these texts. Throughout this essay, I will explore the dissimilarities of the IT expert text versus a typical amateur discourse. For this example a New York Times article will be the focus of which I will evaluate. The dissimilarities of these texts are dramatic; therefore they are of a great deal of worth for those who are a part of the workplace.

The decisive factor of all the characteristics of a piece of text is its purpose for its readers. Every text has a purpose. Texts such as the New York Times article, as well as periodicals, exist to amuse as well as educate. However, if the article's appeal is low, it will be disliked regardless of the quality of its academic matter. Therefore the author must strive to excite as well as educate the reader. To achieve this, the author must use various styles, as well as assorted other literary practices such as formality to spice up the text. For each purpose of a text, there is a balance of literary styles which is most effective. For example, kids' books must express ideas as simply as possible. To achieve the maximum effect, simple vocabulary, short paragraphs, as well as casual style are used. Likewise, each purpose...