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This article published by Birrell and Dobson (2000) claim that class characteristics and financial support for Monash student's from moderate to low income families will find it increasingly more difficult in obtaining university places.

The authors have made some interesting points but, some of these points need further investigation such as the use of ranking post codes to identify students from low socio-economic back grounds. Many suburbs or postcode areas have different socio-economics areas within the area. This is the case in old suburbs that have state housing commission homes as well as new housing estates being built on canals for example.

The next point that needs further discussion is the assumption the authors make that the father's occupation, of students that were surveyed, was the best guide to the socio-economic location of the student's family. There is no mention in the article stating how this would affect the survey if the student had only one parent, and if that parent was the mother.

In conclusion, the data collected based upon the ranking of postcodes has to be seen as inaccurate because people from that area may in fact belong to a middle class rather than from a low to moderate income background. There are several more points that do need further investigation. The two points mentioned seem to be the most important and hence require further discussion.


The article published by Birrell and Rapson (2000) claim that graduates from university will more likely find employment after graduation than non-graduates, and some would find themselves in sub-professional jobs before obtaining profession positions.

The authors have based the information on the 1991 and 1996 censuses; the question that may need to be asked could be 'is the...