Discovering Connections

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Dirk pitt Writing 1.

Discovering Connections A Pg 199 Rough Draft Everyone loves babies, and my family is no exception. I guess that is why when my older sister Heather told my mother and I that she was going to bring a new member into our family we were overjoyed. The next nine months were nerve racking and full of anticipation. We all took part in getting ready for the new arrival. Finally the baby arrived and it is her birth that I will always remember, and keep with me as a reminder of how precious her life is.

On October first, my sister called our house around nine o'clock in the morning. She told us that she was upset because she was ill and she couldn't understand why she hadn't felt the baby moving through the duration of the night before. So around 10:00, we brought her to the hospital.

We hoped that the doctor could provide us with some logical explanation, and a understanding that the baby would be ok, and that is exactly what he did. He told Heather and the rest of our family that she was ill because the baby could be coming any day. He also reassured us that the lack of movement coming from the baby was just a sign that it was getting to big for the womb and had little room to move.

So around 1:00 in the afternoon my family and I returned home from the hospital. We were all still a little nervous but were trying our best to go on with the rest of the day. At about six o'clock that night I decided to go for a walk with David one of my friends. When we were walking Dave asked if we could stop at the store on main street so he could get a drink. When we walked into the store, one of the girls working at the store told me that my sister's best friend Kristy was looking for me. I asked why and she then told me that my sister had been rushed to the hospital, becuase she was in labor. Dave and I practically ran the rest of the way to our cars, he told me good luck and congradulations. I was on my way to meet my new niece or nefew.

I left for the hospital at seven o'clock, although I thought I was in for the usually half an hour journey, I was wrong. I got lost in Glens Falls for about 20 minutes and didn't make it to the hospital till around eight o'clock. I was nervous that I wouldn't make it in time to see the baby's birth. I got there with pelnty of time, because It would be about eight hours till I would see my neice.

When I arrived at the hosptial my father, mother, and my little sister were all ready there. About five minutes after I arrived my sister's husband Tommy got there, and right after him Kristy came. As we waited, we pasted time by talking, watching TV and even ordering pizza.

Then around three o'clock Heather began to push. We waited outside for another hour and then when we heard she is here. My mother, sister, Kristy and I all went into the room. We got to see Olivia Grace being wieghed, measured, and having her feetprints taken. It was completely amazing thing to experience.

It was in those few hours while holding my brand new neice and godchild that I realized how precious and fragile her life was. Before Olivia I never thought I would want to have children and now I know that someday when I am older and ready that I would like to be a mom. Although I get to see her almost everyday I never take for granted how important she is. I never thought a two week old, 7 pounds eleven ounce, little baby could give me such a wonderful realization.