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Friendship is a beautiful thing, when it has trust and understanding. I thought my friendship with Marina was a perfect one, until I saw her true colors. Losing her and moving on was one of the most painful experiences in my life.

I met Marina when I first started school; she was a shy girl with blond curls and green eyes.

From the first moment we met, something just clicked between us. I felt like our friendship was very special. We would spend hours on the phone, would go to each other houses on the weekends and would share the most personal secrets. The first crush. first kiss and the very first "F", were the kind of experiences we went through together. Marina was more then a friend to me, she was like my sister. The thought of our friendship ending had never cross my mind.

Our friendship survived through many tough and lonely years, but no one could predict that this would soon ends.

. In ninth grade me and Marina changed schools. The change from public school to private wasn't bad at all. Our new classmates were very nice people, and we quickly became friends with two other girls from our class. Nastya and Arina were best friends too. We started hanging around together, we were like four musketeers. It was fun, until Marina and Arina started going to places and doing some stuff, which didn't include me or Nastya. Once we all got together and tried to talk about this situation. Talking things through actually worked, and for the rest of the year situation was much better. The winter came and Nastya left to Russia, living me with no protection from what was going to happen. During that winter the relationship between me and Marina was coming to the end. The end of our friendship came as a shock to me. First Marina was mean with me, then she started ignoring me and in the end she just stop talking to me. There was no explanation or reason for what Marina did. I was depressed for the next two months, I felt betrayed and angry. The pain I was going through was truly unspeakable.

I couldn't believe to what had happened. I was hoping it was all a dream, but unfortunately it wasn't. The lost of so-called best friend, was followed by a discovery of a real one. After couple of months from what had happened, I met another Marina, and we became best friends for life.

An old saying teaches us that, "everything happens for reason." I always try to apply this saying to everything that is going on in my life, especially when it is something bad. Something that was a curse, turned out to be a blessing. I thought I lost a good friend, but in reality I found a real one. I discovered that person who was my best friend for many years, never truly knew me.

What I learned from this situation is that people's true colors will come out sooner or later.

Being friends with somebody for many years does not give you a guarantee that a relationship is real or it will last for a long time.