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English Assignment PART C ESSAY

How the concept of discovery is portrayed through the Motorcycle Diaries, written by Che Guevara.

Discoveries can be made in numerous ways by individuals. They also can be stimulated by certain events, feelings or even experiences. Due to these discoveries they can also have a significant impact - positively and negatively on an individuals' wellbeing. "The Motorcycle Diaries" , written by Ernesto Che Guevara is a collection of memoirs that were written on a journey that had been taken by Che and his friend Alberto. The journey had occurred during the 1950s and memoirs were later edited and published by Che's daughter in 2003, forty eight years after his death. This text explicitly and implicitly portrays many concepts, types of stimulation and impact of discovery. Similarly, in Margaret Atwood's poem; "The Journey to the Interior " gives an outlook on an individual's mind and how creative a person can be.

Examples of discovery that are illustrated in both texts, include; self, emotional and physical discoveries.