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Discrimination in the U.S.A

Discrimination is a way to favor or to be against people and things based on their category, sex, race, or religion. Discrimination can be institutionalized or in people mores and habits. The United States of America has a history of racism and discrimination since the 19th century. Therefore, the experiences that Mr. Staples had experienced could happen at any time. In fact, discrimination is still a current problem in the United States and has three main categories: sexism, racial and religion segregations.

Sexism is one of the major discrimination issues in the United States. In fact, favoring men on women has been going on in the United States for a long time. Four decades ago women were not allowed to work, they were forced to stay home and do the house work. Today, in some states, Pennsylvania for instance, where Amish people live, women still do all the housework and are not allowed to work.

Women face a variety of unconscious stereotypes in the workplace that hold them back. For example, they don't need more money because they're not the primary breadwinners, they can't do certain jobs that are considered "men's work," they supposed to act a certain type of feminine in the workplace, and they're not committed to their jobs because they are the primary caregivers to their kids. Finally, women more often still getting paid less than men.

Racism against skin colors and races has been affecting so many people in this country in many different ways. People are suspected of bad actions only because of their skin color. As an example, African-Americans are more watched in stores because it is a prejudice that they will steal something. For instance, whenever a black man with shades on his face inters in a store the...