Discrimination and Affirmative Action

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This is an area of discussion that hits home particularly because I have served with many disabled veterans. Disabled Veterans should not get preferential treatment over better qualified candidates who are not disabled veterans. The Disabled Veterans Affirmative Action Program (DVAAP) is used in the recruitment, hiring and advancement of disabled veterans. The Issue of Affirmative Action is a very sensitive subject in today's society as Affirmative Action utilizes the preferential treatment of certain groups in order to amend social inequality or compensate for past discrimination (Module 4 Background Information). Although disabled veterans have faced discrimination in the employment arena in the past, they should not receive preferential treatment at expense of more qualified individuals whom are not disabled veterans. A more ethical alternative to the DVAAP or other Affirmative Action Programs that are accompanied by negative perceptions such as quotas, the idea of hand-outs and lower or preferential hiring and performance standards is Diversity Management which uses voluntary goals in an attempt include a qualified, diverse and representative work force in both the formal and informal aspects of an organization (Gilbert, Stead & Ivancevich, 1999).

In this paper we will discuss the Disabled Veterans Affirmative Action Program in regards to its nature and comparison to similar Affirmative Action Programs involving women and minorities as well as the concept of Diversity Management. We will also address both the deontological and utilitarian considerations concerning the DVAAP and similar Affirmative Action Programs. However, in order to do so, we must first address the nature of discrimination.

DiscriminationAccording to Webster's New World Dictionary, discrimination is the making of distinctions in treatment and/or the showing of partiality or prejudice. Discrimination in employment practices is a major issue in today's society. However, although it carries a negative connotation, discrimination can serve both good and bad...