Discrimination and Harvey Lee Green Jr.

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Harvey Lee Green jr. had not been given fare protection under the constitution and the he was discriminated, because of his race. In his county over the years of 1983 to 1992 there were 88 homicides over 2/3 of the victims were black. During these years there was no death penalty charged to any of the white murders who had killed the blacks but in the cases of blacks killing whites all of the black murderers were sentenced to be executed. Also out of the six black jurors that were originally picked to be on the jury only one ended up remaining on the jury. For Harvey Lee Green jr. there was no fair protection given to him or the other black murderers because of this evidence Harvey Lee Green jr. and the others cases should have been thrown out. The death penalty does work and does offer benefits when given fairly and constitutionally.

In this case if he would of been given a fair trial this would have been a fair punishment, because for Any one who plans a multiple murder and carries it out should be put to death. This intern would make for a safer community by keeping suck viscous people off the street and out of the young peoples way. In making the community safer it makes the large amount of money spent well worth it because any amount of money spent to help make a community safer is worth it no matter if it is five hundred or two million in any case it is worth it. So in conclusion the trial was held unfairly and was used in an unconstitutional way even though Mr. Green did deserve the death penalty for what he did not because of his race. Harvey Lee Green jr. was executed when he shouldn't have been, but in the opposite view it did intern make for a safer community.