The discrimination brought forth to obese and overwheight Americans.

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Fat discrimination

I think fat people are one of the largest groups that suffer from invisible discrimination. And since I am a certified, card carrying member, I am allowed to have made that pun.

Seriously, TV commercials have to be among the worst offenders.

Ever notice how often the character of scorn or the brunt of the joke is a fat person?

For example, there is a Honda SUV commercial that extols the virtues of their new SUV - including how quiet it is. The commercial shows an attractive, slender couple parked by a stream enjoying the view of grazing deer. All of a sudden, the scene cuts to a large SUV crashing through the woods. The deer get scared away by the noise. The large SUV screeches to a halt next to the Honda, and the driver, seeing nothing, asks "what you looking at?" And the appearance of this obnoxious driver? A fat man.

How about the mortgage commercials? The buffoon loan officer who can't even get his mother to do business with him? A fat man.

And then there's the new Bounty napkin commercial. The one where you see a child "pigging out" on a pile of food drowned in sauce, creating a mountain of napkins because they don't stand up. Then the child is given a new Bounty napkin, and his messy hands and face are tamed by the Bounty napkin. Is the child star of this commercial a good looking sixteen-year-old with a hollow leg? No! A fat child!

Are fat people jeopardizing their heath? Of course - there is irrefutable medical evidence.

Would many people rather hop in the sack with a buff movie star type than with a fat person? Sure.

Does that justify that fat people earn less than their slender co-workers...