Discrimination: Dalits, Women, and Afrian Americans

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Throughout history, mankind has always found a small, weak group to discriminate against. This tradition of hatred and prejudice still exists today. Three common minorities are the Dalits of India, women, and African Americans. In some ways these minorities are similar, and in other ways, drastically different. One thing they have in common is that they have all been treated poorly by those who for some reason believe themselves to be superior and more deserving in life.

All of them were discriminated against for what they were on the outside, not on the inside. Being different put them at a disadvantage right from the start. African Americans, women and Dalits do not get to choose their positions in life. They have no choice as to what race or gender they are to be born as; yet this unfairly places them at a lower social standing.

Women and African Americans were and still are being punished with lower paying jobs.

Also, the African Americans and Dalits were forced to live in slum areas with disease-ridden tenement housing. It is quite difficult for a child to rise up and do well in his life when he is brought up in a place such as this. Not only would it be difficult, but for the Dalits it would be virtually impossible. In the caste system, the Indians believe that whichever caste a person is born into, that is the level at which they must live their lives and there is no chance for them to progress within that lifetime.

Reincarnation plays a major role in their beliefs as well. Many of the lower caste members in their society do as they are told in hopes that they may be able to move up in the caste system in another lifetime. That...