Discrimination Law, based on the movie "Dirty Pretty Things"

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Dirty, Pretty, or both things?

1.0 Introduction

This paper is based on the film "Dirty Pretty Things", by Steven Frears, 2003. This film reflects the underworld of the modern hospitality industry as we know it in the 21st century. Today the hospitality business is considered a great and giving industry ("the pretty thing"), but if one looks behind the façade and digs through several layers of management and cover-ups, things might be found hidden that were never intended to reach the surface ("the dirty thing"), such as sex- and race discrimination . These are the two major legal issues of the film, which are going to be dealt with in this paper of "law". They are going to be broken down into several sub-categories in order to provide a better understanding of the legal matters applying to these actions, according to the UK law system.

2.0 The Film Issues

The film "Dirty Pretty Things" focuses on the life of illegal immigrants in London and provides the viewer an insight into the way they are being misused.

The two main characters are the illegal immigrants Okwe and Senay who both work at the Baltic Hotel, of which its head porter Juan is involved in the black organ market. Okwe finds out about this when he discovers a human heart in one of the hotel rooms, which exposes that the hotel is being used to remove human organs from illegal immigrants in exchange for passports. Okwe is struggling with his sense of injustice, whilst Senay is being chased by

the immigration authority and is forced to face sexual harassment. Finally, Okwe manages to enforce justice with the aid of Senay.

2.1 Okwe

Okwe is one of the main characters in this scenario of events. He is an illegal immigrant from Nigeria, and...