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A truly unique place

The chilled room was filled with a stunning array of bright, beautiful colors. The sweet aroma of Lemonheads and candy necklaces filled the air. The hard black and white, checkered floor was freshly moped, leaving a light coat of water over it. The old thick wooden door, "dinged" with excitement, every time it opened. Each wall in the room was perfectly lined with clear glass bowls, conveniently stuffed with delicious candies.

This shop had every candy you could ever imagine. Any flavor, any color and any texture. Every bowl had strategically placed labels in front of them, with the name of candy printed lightly in cursive. At the front of the store, there was a small clear glass desk. On top of it, was a golden antique cash register. Along the sides of the register, was an intricate rose vine design. It went all the way up the side, across the front, and down the other side.

It made a "cha-ching" sound when the side lever was pulled, and the drawer came rushing out ready for money.

On the blandly painted walls, hung old pictures. They were neatly framed and placed on the wall, along with shiny plaques and hand made cards from satisfied customers. You could truly tell that this wasn't just a place to get candy. It was a place to make memories, a place to have fun, and a place to recapture childhood. This was truly a magical and unique place.