Discuss about abortion and its methods.

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Abortion is a topic that which brings with it much debate and controversy, whether it be

between peers or cultures. It seems also that feelings are disparate and of polar opposites and people tend to cling to one pole without regard for the opposite opinion. Arguments for and against abortion tend to be rooted deep in moral or religious beliefs, with some feeling that it is their body, therefore they should do a they please, while others argue concern for the living baby within the mother. Akin to the numerous feelings regarding abortion are numerous methods in which on can abort a pregnancy, all of which are correspondent with the amount of time elapsed within the pregnancy.

Prior to delving into specifics of abortion a definition of the term would make lucid the

context of which is being discussed. Therefore, abortion is essentially the termination or aborting of a pregnancy prior to the event of birth.

An abortion occurs when the mother or other party involved (perhaps parents or father of the child) determine the pregnancy is undesirable or not feasible at that given point in time. Many there are, reasons for the carrying out of the fore defined term. Such reasons include: an immature commitment to parenthood such as the case of teenage parents, or even a pregnancy that was seen as unwanted or an interference such as a career woman (Hyde, DeLamater, 2003). Though abortion is often decided by the parents of the child typically willingly and without coercion the end product proves to be psychologically damaging to the parents (Hyde, DeLamater, 2003). Upon discovering their pregnancy many women feel "anger and some anxiety," then quest for a decision. This decision usually involves debating the welfare of the mother over the welfare of the child (Hyde, DeLamater, 2003).