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During the years of the Weimar Republic many political things happened. New governments were established, they were many revolts and assassinations. Many political events were occurring, but during this time Germany was also flourishing in terms of culture. In Germany at this time there was development of arts, film, architecture and growth of stars. There were many famous authors that became well known during this time. Germany was truly flourishing.

One of the main developments of Germany during this time was Bauhaus in 1919. Walter Gropius was the founder of this type of architecture. This type of architecture was mainly for the use of workers, but they despised it. The style of Bauhaus is very cubicle, with flat roof tops. It was to ignore middle-class materials and ways of building, resulting with an ugly structure. They mainly consist of the colors black, white, or gray. The designers of Bauhaus had the ideology of creating functional items that were both useful and beautiful.

They wanted to combine beauty with efficiency. Many designers left for USA after the rise of the Nazi's, they had brought this style across the world. For people that have seen portable classrooms, public housing etc. they have seen Bauhaus. It really amazing how something that was created years ago in a foreign land affects the way many things are built today in USA and possibly in many other countries around the world.

During this time there also many developments, such as literature. Erich Maria Remarque had written a long-lasting novel .He published the book All Quiet on the Western Front in 1929. The book is about the reality of World War I. This book was the best-selling novel in 1929 and by 1930 it was made to into a movie. This film had won many, many awards.