Discuss current practice in recruitment and selection in the hospitality and tourism industry in the context of achieving employee 'fit'.

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Human Resource Management (HRM) is gaining more popularity with increasing importance of treating employees as assets by whom an organisation can gain competitive advantage and survive with a level of differentiation in the hospitality and tourism industry. To sustain one's competitive advantage, it has become necessary to integrate organizational objectives and HRM. Storey (2001), stresses the need for HR policy to be integrated with business strategy and to have a direct influence on organisational culture. Industry strives for the right person with the right attitude for the right job at the right time to achieve the right match between the employee and the business, and subsequently declaring him 'fit' for the organization. According to Newell (2006), recruitment and selection can be viewed as a process by which the organisation tries accurately to match the individual to the job and can be compared with completing a jigsaw puzzle.

Newell (2006, p.66), citing Newell and Shackleton (2001), further illustrates this statement: 'Recruitment and selection is a process of selecting the correct jigsaw piece (the 'right' individual) from the incorrect pieces (the 'wrong' individuals) to fit into a particular hole in a jigsaw puzzle.' The word 'fit' has a broader connotation in this context as it not only means the employee-job fitness but also the 'fit' between employee's attitude and behaviour to the organization's culture.

Recruiting and selecting an employee is the starting point for being able to have an employee who is not only true to his job responsibilities but also feels himself to be a part of the organization, having achieved a perfect 'fit'. Thus this initial process of recruiting and selection is a costly and time-consuming ordeal. Apart from the unique features of the hospitality and tourism industry like immeasurable components of intangibility, perishability, heterogeneity etc., two...